Lynton Digital Imaging

About Lynton Digital Imaging (LDI)

The studio is equipped with a lighting system capable of dealing with most modelling requirements. It also contains a dedicated computer system giving almost instant picture feedback so corrections can be made to poses, expressions, lighting etc to ensure the perfect picture.

LDI’s studio is located in a large detached house in Bransgore. In addition to the studio LDI also has use of the rest of the house and garden to obtain images that cannot be created in the studio itself. While the studio forms a large part of LDI’s work a significant percentage is also undertaken on location in the nearby town of Christchurch, the New Forest and local beaches.

LDI has the utmost respect for the models it works with and treats every session as a team effort with the photographer listening to and taking note of the model’s comments and suggestions. It ensures any questions the model has are fully answered before moving on. In any session the two overriding priorities are, for the model to have fun and enjoy the session and for the photographer to produce the quality images the model requires.

LDI is willing to undertake a wide variety of work within the modelling field. All work undertaken will be carried out with sensitivity and discretion, especially true for the “special” photographs. No need to incur astronomical costs, talk to LDI.

LDI runs from a small home based studio with all the care and attention to detail expected of larger establishments. It is based a few miles outside Christchurch.



Enjoy the session