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My first ever shoot with a glamour model produced results that amazed me. I believed that I was a natural glamour photographer the results were so good. My second shoot put me in my place, the results were a disaster. After a short time I realised what the difference was. The first model was a real professional who know her body, what worked and looked good, the second model didn't. During the first shoot all I did was press the button the model did the rest. After this I spent a lot of money on training. Had I been a good photographer I would have got acceptable results from the second model as well. As an amateur, which model would I choose for a second shoot or recommend to friends? Obviously the first. I could always be sure of getting good pictures so why take the risk with the second model?

Beware of the Training with a 'Catch'

There are a number of professional studios who offer model training with the hope the model will bring trade for the studio. Models will normally only get the training if they are prepared to work to figure nude level and, in the eyes of the studio, will bring in business for the studio. You see pictures of models and a blank space with "Could be you" in it. Yes could be you if you meet their strict criteria. Often you are not even allowed to have a chaperone present!

Our Free Basic Training 

I am prepared to offer basic training to potential new models without insisting they do nude work, train without a chaperone or bring in business (my home studio is not for hire). All I expect is that the model work very hard during training sessions and practice between them. There is no charge for the training, I do it because I enjoy teaching young people who want to learn. My  reward comes from their success and knowing I was a part of it. Want to give it a go?  Contact me.

Do models need training?

Model Training